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مركز الإمام الحسين عليه السلام في مينيسوتا


Pakistan is currently facing historically widespread flooding across the country that has impacted millions. The death toll is already in the thousands and rising and millions have lost their homes or had their livelihoods severely impacted. Unfortunately, the government is not equipped to handle this level of destruction and displacement of the population.

It is our religious, moral, and human duty to feel the pain of those affected and generously support them as best we can

Please join us in helping raise funds to help people with food, shelter, clothes, medicine and hygiene.

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Thursday, Sep 1st

Program Start at 7:30 PM

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Martyrdom of Hasan ibn Ali (a.s)

For more information about Imam Hasan ibn Ali (p), click here.

Imam Hasan ibn Ali, al-Mujtaba (peace be upon them)

Name: Hasan

Title: al-Mujtaba

Kunya: Abu Muhammad

Father: Ali ibn Abu Talib (Peace be upon him)

Mother: Fatimah bint Muhammad (Peace be upon them)

Born15th Ramadan, 3 AH/624 CE in Madinah, Hejaz region of the Arabian Peninsula

Died7th Safar, 50 AH/670 CE, after being poisoned by his wife, Ja’da.

Age at Martyrdom: 48

Period of Imamate: 9 years

Buried: Baqi’, Madinah, Hejaz region of the Arabian Peninsula

7:30 PM - English Lecture and Q&A by Sayyid Muntadher

8:08 PM Salaat

----------- Arabic Lecture by Seyyid Mutadher 

---------- Ziyaraat

---------- Refreshment

Friday, Sep 2nd

We will not have Salaatul Jumaah at IHIC

Please join Salaat Jumaah at Anjuman at 1:13 PM

Direction to Anjuman - Click Here

Dr. Mahmood Datoo's Books

(book) Prophet Muhammad (saww) - A Concise Biography - New Edition
(e-book) Karbala - The Complete Picture
(book) Mukhtar: How he avenged the Karbala Perpetrators 61-67-AH
(e-book) Mukhtar: How he avenged the Karbala Perpetrators 61-67-AH

Assalamu Alaikum,

Great opportunity for the month of Muharram to Volunteer under the banner of WhoisHussain.org

Urgent appeal from Loavesandfishesmn.org

They are in need of 8 to 10 Volunteers every Saturday to feed the hungry and poor in several impoverished parts of the Minneapolis area.

This is outdoors and for ages 15 and up. Both Male and Females are welcome.

Time between 10:00am to 1:30pm.

To volunteer please contact/text


Thanks for your support.

Weekly Quranic Reflection 
Presented By The Academy for Learning Islam

Quranic Reflection No 591. Āyāt 3:52

Helpers of Allah ‘azza wajall.

قَالَ مَنْ أنْصَارِي إلَى اللَّقَ

Qāla man ansārī ilallah

He said: Who will be my helpers in Allah’s way?

(Āli Imrān, Sūrat  3, Āyat 52)

This verse is a question asked by Nabī ‘Īsā ‘alayhis-salām to his people. He wanted to distinguish between those who believed and those who did not really believe. Only a small group of people answered positively and accepted to be from his helpers in the way of Allah ‘azza wajall. They told him they were ready to be Allah’s helpers. This special group of people were called the ‘Hawāriyyūn’. This verse also shows that Prophets did not have self interest when they preached to people. They only wanted to work for Allah subhānahu wata‘ālā.

Being the helpers of Allah is also mentioned in another place in the Quran where Allah Himself invites believers to be His helpers. He says: O you who believe! be helpers (in the cause) of Allah (Q 61:14). Although Allah is Needless and Self-Sufficient, He asks believers to help Him, thereby actually helping themselves. Similarly, He asks them to give Him a loan even though He is the source of all wealth: If you loan Allah a goodly loan, He will multiply it for you and forgive you. And Allah is Most Appreciative and Forbearing (Q 64:17). These and similar verses show affection and love for the human beings, encouraging them to work with Him and in the process gain everlasting happiness.

To be the helpers of Allah means to help His religion. It means to spread His word and make people aware of Him. When believers accept the invitation to be helpers of Allah, they become true representatives of Allah on earth. They work on the earth on His behalf. Allah helps His helpers. He says in the Quran: O you who believe! f you help (the cause of) Allah, He will help you and make firm your feet (Q 47:7) It is only through Allah’s help that we can be successful in becoming His helpers.

The companions of Imam al-Husayn ‘alayhis-salām were the helpers of Allah. They answered the call of their Imam and helped him fight against those who wanted to destroy the religion of Allah. Though a few in number, these companions were the embodiment of faith and loyalty. Their love of Allah and desire to help His representative was very strong and helped them face all the difficulties they had to with a positive spirit. Burayr ibn Khuzayr is reported to have joked on that day. A companion told him that it is not the time for joking during the serious moment of combat. Burayr, however, told him: My clan knows that, neither in my youth nor in my old age, have I been a humorous person; yet God knows that today I am so exhilarated that I am going to meet my Lord.

May this verse inspire us to be from the helpers of Allah (swt) and learn from the examples of the martyrs of Karbala.

Sources: Āyatullāh Nāsir Makārim Shirāzī (Ed.), Tafsīr-e Namūneh; https://www.qudsonline.ir/news/457217https://parstoday.com/en/radio/programs-i64157 imam_hussein's_companions_from_the_past_to_the_present_(1)Quranic Reflection No 591. Āyāt 3:52 – Helpers of Allah ‘azza wajall.

Past Quran Reflection
Updated list of Quran Tafsir session
Commentary on the Quran By Dr. Al Haj Mohammed Sobhanie

Salaam Alikum:


 InshAllah this email reaches you in good health and excellent spirit. Please find the link to Commentary on Dua Makarim Akhlaq (Part-5): Seeking God’s Grace



بِسْمِ اللَّـهِ الرَّحْمَـٰنِ الرَّحِيمِ

اللَّهُمَّ وَفِّرْ بِلُطْفِكَ نِيَّتِي، وَ صَحِّحْ بِمَا عِنْدَكَ يَقِينِي، وَ اسْتَصْلِحْ بِقُدْرَتِكَ مَا فَسَدَ مِنِّي.

O Allah, complete (the integrity of) my intention through Your grace, rectify my certainty through what is with You (the knowledge and power), And set right what is corrupt in me through Your power!


Your comments and guidance deeply appreciated

Eltmas Dua

Mohammad Sobhanie

Connecting with Sayyid Muntadher
Weekly Activities & Classes with
Sayyid Muntadher
Salaam Alaikum,
As we continue to share opportunities for the community to engage with Sayyid Muntadher, the flyer below is a how-to guide to use the online calendar tool, Calendly, to find time to connect with Sayyid Muntadher one on one.
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Masoomeen Foundation
During these challenging times Masoomeen Foundation is here to serve the Shia community of Minnesota with resources to weather uncertain times. 

If anyone requires any support please visit the site https://www.masoomeenfoundation.org/ or contact us Contact@MasoomeenFoundation.org. The assistance form can be access here: https://www.masoomeenfoundation.org/financial-assistance-application-form/
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The Dental Clinic - Owned and Operated by
Dr. Mudasir Walji - our community member of IHIC.
Ḥalāl Meals on Wheels

Imam Hussain Islamic Center

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Imam Husain Islamic Center (IHIC) is a valuable center for the Muslim community in MN.

From a humble start of the lowest floor of a mini-mall building to 2 stories, almost 10,000 sqf building with the help of Allah and Mumneen all over the globe.

IHIC is an IRS exempt organization from the State with ID: 582142-2 and the Federal Government with ID:27-0074561.

IHIC activities include Weekly Sunday school for students range from 5 to 18 years old, Du'a kumeil and Fiqh/Quran lectures on Thursdays, Friday Lecture and Prayer.

IHC holds Ramdhan daily programs including group reading of Holy Quran, lectures, and group contests for youngsters, men and women.

Celebrating Fitr, Adha and Ghadeer Eids. Observe community’s ceremonies and funerals. IHIC also holds Muharram program during the first 10 nights with lectures and Latmyat.

Salaam Alaikum, To include announcements in our weekly program, please send your requests to ihicmn@gmail.com by 6:00 PM on Friday of the prior week.

Please consider supporting IHIC financially by donating towards our funds. You can donate any amount, large or small, using our PAYPAL link available on our web site and in our weekly e-mail.

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